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I was a desperate woman hunting for jobs and every day of struggling the battle of looking one I just ended nothing to be found. If not of vacancies I am not qualified and some were I am too qualified for the job. So after a month of not looking for that job for me, then I stop I decided to stay at home and think of possible ways that I could earn money.  I open a small business in our village though in small amount but the end of the day I have earnings even though it’s not that big but it gives me courage to really work hard for me to earn more. Nina of London escort.

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As the days, weeks, months and years increases the needs of myself and my family increases thus it calls the need for me to look for ways to earn bigger than what I had in my business to compensate those needs. Even if I lose the chance of finding a job in the past it never stop me in believing the  fate that I could still found a job that would give me what I needed. While going to the different job opportunities I was able to meet a high school friend of mine and she really look so good and as I look into her she really had a wonderful job for it shows on how she carries her-self compared to our high school life way back then. As I could remember she was just a very simple girl and an ordinary woman but looking up to her that time, she seems to be a super star and though simplicity remains in her but she really upgraded her simplicity into something cool and fun. She is into wearing sexy clothes and accessories which she is not wearing during those high school days of ours. All she wore those times is just a simple uniform and just putting all down her long hair unto her back without those make-ups jewelries and some other accessories that I have seen her wearing.

As we bumped with each other we decided to be in a coffee shop to talk comfortably with our lives. She then ask me what makes me bring in the city. I then told her all honesty that I was into job hunting for it is a prerequisite requirement for the living of my family. She just then simply give me a sigh and a bright smile. After doing so she then told ask me of how sexy do you need to be to be a London Escort? I was so surprised with her question. I’ve been hearing rumors and gossips about London Escort but not coming from her. It was all coming from the neighborhood and some of my older friends they really love talking about London Escorts during their past time and I don’t really mind them at all. I then answered her of what I had known straight from other people’s opinion. That London Escorts woman is a very sexy and alluring woman. Do you think you have the potential to be one of them? The second question that she asked me and I automatically say loud and clear that I am not. She then reply I had a very wrong answer for I had what it takes to be a London Escort. According to her I’ve got what it takes to be one of the best girls in town and that is the women of London Escorts.

To become a London Escorts what you really need to have with is believing in yourself on the capabilities and your unique skills and talents that only you can do with. There is no need to have that so perfect body figure for as long as you feel so sexy with yourself and you have what it got to be part of the great team the London Escorts team. So what I did is that I auditioned and I passed and blessed to make the challenges being thrown to me and after doing so I undergo a year training before I will become a certified London escort woman.